27 October 2010

Those Eggcellent Eggs

I like eggs. I like them a lot because they're not only nutritious, they're one of the most versatile foods I know. Imagine all that potential in an innocent-looking white oblongish sphere. And they're fast-cooking to boot! Quick lunch to prep for my kids when I'm pressed for time or immersed in online software testing.

As itself, you can just give it the old crack and drop on some oil or butter in the pan and you've got a sunny-side up or twirl it around with a fork, add a dash of salt and you've got simple scrambled egg. Serve it between slices of bread, on or between pancakes. You can have it with java rice or plain steamed rice.

If you want it fancy, all you have to do is whisk it, spread it out in a pan, put some leftover cooked veggies or meat from your last dinner or lunch on one side then fold over the other side and voila! you've got classic omelet. For a fluffier version, first separate the egg yolk from the white. Whisk up the white to a stiff froth, plop the yolk back and fold until well blended. Pour into greased, heated pan, gently put in pre-cooked veggies or leftover dinner, fold over and cooked till golden. This omelet melts in your mouth.

For even fancier stuff, sauté slices of sausage, veggies and herbs. Slowly pour beaten eggs in and around the sauté and slow-fry over low fire until the eggs set. Tadaah! Frittata! 

Eggs are what I call "helping foods". They complement other dishes. I beat a couple of them and add to sautéed pork and snap beans then dash in some soy sauce or seasoning. Or wrap them around roasted or boiled eggplants that have been peeled--what we call Tortang Talong. The best "help" they do is converting that instant ramen into a nutritious instant egg-drop soup. Yup, just cook those noodles according to package instructions and drop in the egg when about done. 

Like I said, the possibilities are endless. Yes sir, eggs are indeed one of God's wonder foods.

25 October 2010

United Nations Program

I went to my son's United Nations program just this last Saturday. I wasn't in the mood but my firstborn had a part in this interpretative handsong to the tune of Bette Midler's "From a Distance" so a necessary attendance on my part was in order.

Spoilers first.
Since the school was about a block from our house, I thought I'd drop off my son, rush back home for a quick shower and change then rush back to the school to witness his performance. Not! We arrived just as the program was about to start. Great! I didn't know when my son's number would be on so I decided to stay looking the way I did with my ultra-mega faded jeans, sports tee with matching home-styled ponytail and old flipflops. I told my husband later that I watched my son's number from the maid/nanny area. Joke! But I did keep to the sidelines. I didn't want to embarrass my son, of course.

A quick sweeping glance of the venue gave me the latest young momma fashion---spaghetti-strapped or tube blouse over short shorts with or without cardigan. Rebonded hair and mani-pedi. Matching digicam in right hand and cellphone in left. Ok. I definitely looked like "Inday" at the time. Bad momma didn't even bring the cam.

Little girl from nursery or kindergarten did a dance number that was supposed to be an Indian dance. Fail! Her music was definitely NOT Indian, not even close. Nor were her dance moves. They were more like Sexbomb/EB Babe dance steps. And though I haven't been to India, am pretty sure that shiny candy pink is not one of the colors in their traditional costume. Come to think of it,  all the female students posed in their costumes as though they were part of some dance group from the noontime shows. Sad that parents allow their kids to watch TV's rubbish. Anyway...on with the spoilers...

The little boys always did the Mr. Pogi pose when doing costume presentation while boys from the upper levels looked from shy to slightly embarrassed or wore the "Can I get out of this outfit now?!" expression. *wince*

Another little girl was in a costume from which country I couldn't recognize but her headpiece was this scary thingy that had footlong string-thin wires sticking out. I thought she's poke the other students beside her when she turned her head. Didn't any of the teachers see this potential hazard?!

The group that did the hula had too much make-up on and wore plastic/silk flowers on their hair, around their neck and hips. The thingies looked like they were plucked from the flower vase of fake flowers in their living room. They didn't wear any real grass skirts and the music used was a disco mix of all the classic Hawaiian dance music (Pearly Shells, Tiny Bubbles, etc.) My hula teachers would have shuddered (or turned in their graves)!

I thought I'd scream if I heard "It's a Small World" one more time. Hey, I like that song but good heavens! They kept playing it every time a class would come up to the stage to present their UN costumes---from kindergarten to 10th grade. Ugh! Good thing I didn't catch LSS (last song syndrome) on that one. *shudder*

The worst part was the so called "inspirational" talk from a barangay chairman candidate! Horrors. The guy bored the parents with why he should be re-elected and made the kindergarten students fidget and fuss. No, the guy couldn't take a hint from the growing din his political speech had created among bored-to-tears students and parents. 

Ok ok. I've repented about saying all those "mean" stuff.

Good Highlights.
The program started on time. 
Teachers looked great in their UN costumes.
My firstborn's From a Distance handsong number was the finale and it was good. Proud he was part of the group that performed.
Caleb still loves me even if I attended his UN program looking like a rag. Proved this by calling out "Mama!" when he saw me standing by the school entrance. Matched it with a big smile and hug.

19 October 2010

Stressed? Brush your teeth

Have been so stressed out these past weeks that I find myself brushing my teeth more often than necessary. It's actually a stress reliever I discovered over 12 years ago courtesy of my then fiancé now hubby. No kidding, it works wonders. I was in a snit at that time and he suggested that I brush my teeth. And I go, "What?!" He assured me it works. I obeyed and came out of the bathroom all smiles. 

I know. Strange how some peppermint-flavored toothpaste and circular strokes in and around your teeth and mouth can do wonders. Well, the toothpaste flavor actually doesn't matter but sure helps if it's your favorite one. It's the clean mouth afterwards that brings the relief. 

I even suggested it to an officemate during my pre-homebased job days. Naturally, she gave me the are-you-pulling-my-leg look. But I suppose she was so stressed she actually tried it. Tadaah! Gave me the all smiles and a "Thanks, Boh."  She was in awe how a little morning ritual done out of schedule can provide stress relief.

Try it. I still haven't figured out why it does but it always works for me.

10 October 2010


Have been yearning for them for so long. But more so these past weeks. But everyday, they just seem to be more elusive. It's driving me bonkers!

Sunrise on the boardwalk by arturodonate
The world seems to be so noisy. I only demand a little silence. So I can hear myself think. So I can hear God's still voice. Everyone seems to be in my face (perhaps not meaning to or because they're just used to). I just want to be alone for a while. To have some solitude so I can gather my scattered wits, find misplaced pieces of myself, repair shattered nerves. Serenity is about inner equilibrium but everything seems to be out of balance for me for ages now. I just want to recover some personal space and be at peace with myself again.

So I hold on desperately to HIS word and promise..."BE STILL and KNOW that I AM GOD.