10 November 2009

DEAD Deadlines

Task: Standardize Service Types and their descriptions (across all VCD initiatives )
Deadline: November 6
Status: 50% complete

Task: Bible lessons (series) for church Bible study leaders
Deadline: October 2009
Status: Still on lesson 1

Email EGR Kids pastor and coordinate summer camp 2010
Deadline: September 2009
Status: have not emailed him yet

Task: Sunday school curriculum
Deadline: August 2009
Status: Sunday school is still on hold

Task: Resume homeschooling my 2 preschoolers
Deadline: August 2009
Status: still on hold

Task: Revive blog
Deadline: 2008
Status: trying hard to get up

Overall status of deadlines: MAJOR FAIL!!
Something's got to give here so balance can be restored. (sigh)