12 May 2010

Oh This Frigging Heat!

What the hell is wrong with our weather?!! It’s so freaking hot! This summer heat is crazy! I used to love summer, the heat included. But, man, this kind of temperature makes me want to do all kinds of crazy stuff like…

…buy a waterproof laptop so I can work under the shower until the heat goes away. Yes, even if it will mean my skin getting all wrinkled like an old sea hag's.

…use my birthday suit 24/7 because it’s still really oven hot inside the house at night even when the temperatures outside have gone cooler. I dare not walk around the house in the buff, though, for fear of traumatizing my kids for life. I mean I have three boys not counting my husband. I don’t want scarring my sons’ view of a woman’s anatomy, yah know. As it is they’ve tolerated me cooking their meals using only my shorts and bra.

To add to the bonkeriness, it really pisses me that I’m easily out of fresh panties because I have to change every time I hit the shower—which is more than a couple of times a day. The oppressive humidity just adds to the stickiness in that delicate part already!

Also, I’m thinking if ice cream, halo-halo and slurpees will qualify for three square meals. It’s so weird that even my 12-month old son’s milk bottles are in the fridge. It used to be that I had to warm the baby’s milk. Nah ah! Not anymore. It's so hot, the water in our drinking water dispenser turns lukewarm—no joke. So my youngest spawn wants his milk in a refreshingly cool temperature before giving it to him.

Obviously the answer would be to get ourselves a couple of air conditioners. The catch is that the only thing crazier than this infernal heat is the friggingly sky-high Meralco rates! Our monthly bill might end up the same as that of the nearest mall. 

But hey, here’s a comforting thought in all this blistering temperature—BE THANKFUL YOU’RE NOT IN HELL.