14 October 2009

Plastic Frogs

"Noah, Nanee! I have something for you." my eldest son Caleb cheerily greeted one afternoon as he entered the front door whilst getting rid of his school shoes and socks.

I wondered what he had for his younger siblings and smiled at the thought that he was really a sweet kid. I soon discovered that it was a couple of plastic frogs that could be made to jump by pressing on its backside. Another ingenious Pinoy toy.

Well, my kids had fun. We laughed together as I got on all fours on the living room floor to try out the plastic frogs. We found out that there was a technique to pressing their backs so that they jumped forward and did not belly up. Kinda tricky. But we finally managed. I challenged them to a race. I think my frog bellied up lots of times instead of jumping. But it was fun and with had great laughs.