26 July 2010

The Wall

At my age, I should have thought this out before giving in to all that teasing to put on a harness. But hey, I always liked adventure and Cheche Lazaro has always been one of the few people who inspire me. So I did this even if I was not really in the mood at that time--emotionally out of sorts then (long story; this is so not the post to discuss it.)
I'm the one in the pink and white shirt. I didn't bring a cam because I had planned to sit and sulk during this activity (one of those "much touted" company "get-togethers"). Not really a great shot if you ask me. I would have faced the cam with a really crazy expression but doing so at that angle was kinda difficult if not a threat to life and limb. I did get to climb a little over 15 feet (see that yellow line above me? I got past that a wee bit). I decided to go down because my climbing partner (slim girl beside me) was about to scream.

I just wished my hubby was there with me. He would have cheered me on to the top. He's done this wall climbing thing before. And he would have encouraged me to climb all three walls. Diff difficulty levels. On the second wall, I just made it halfway. The slight horizontal jut made me dizzy (and then I remembered I hadn't had breakfast or lunch at that time). I took a rain check on the third wall.

Wanted to post more pics but what's the point when they're all back shots, right? Right. I should have risked the crazy shot with my face to the cam. And before I forget my manners, thank you to Ms Lala Ballatan for allowing me to grab her pics of me at the wall.

Oh and if anyone's interested in climbing this monstrosity, it's at Camp Sandugo, Level 5 of Market Market at the Fort Global City.

12 July 2010

Tears of a Woman

I only hate crying because it really leaves my face all blotchy and a mess. And also because on a personal level, a good bawling leaves me with my own version of a hangover headache in the morning. I don't know anyone, anyway, who still looks like a model in a photo shoot after a substantial lacrimal leak.

I also hate crying when people give in to their impression that I am weak because I cried. But no, I do not believe that tears are a sign of weakness. Most people are just so judgmental. Sheesh! Tears/crying = weak/brainless. NOT!

But here's my case: I embrace the times I cry. NO, I definitely do not use tears for manipulation. I so disdain humans, particularly guys who stereotype women's tears into a tool that women use to get their way. While it is true, I must admit, there are members of my species who manipulate with their tears, I do not belong to that class. My tears are too precious to be used to manipulate others.

I believe my tears are a gift from my Creator. They are my expression for pain, physical and otherwise. Crying is my safety valve. I cry when I am frustrated or angry. Although I find it strange that tears rarely roll down my cheeks when watching a sad movie or hearing a sad song or melody. And to think I have a low threshold for tears. I may be just relating a story or explaining something close to my heart and more often than not, my voice breaks up a bit and there'll be a sheen of unshed tears filming over my eyes.

So to all ladies who cry in whatever way or whatever situation (unless it's to manipulate--which is really horrid of you to do so. Bad bad bad!), do not be ashamed of your tears. It is God's gift to you in order to cope with life's challenges, hurts, as well as happiness. Besides, the Good Book says:
"You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book." (Psalm 56:8 New Living Translation)
Our tears are precious to God. He knows what each single teardrop stands for. And for all those tears that represent sadness or pain, He replaces with joy, healing, and relief.