29 April 2010

Oh Rain! Oh Joy!

After sooooo many infernally hot days and a couple of teasingly brief rainshowers yesterday, my request for a totally refreshing downpour was granted. Oh joy!

Three of my kids rushed out to play in the rain the moment permission was granted (Israel being too small yet to join in the fun)--complete with accompanying whoops and squeals.

My daughter, Dianelle, only lasted a few minutes before running back into our garage, shivering. John draped a towel over her and told her to just get back inside and take a bath--under the shower, which is more manageable..haha!

I'm glad the boys had a really fun time in the rain. I didn't get to do that when I was a kid (which was eons ago). I know I know it's pathetic. Blame it on my overly unreasonable parents at that time. I probably missed a quarter of my life by not doing that...lol!

Yeah, maybe I should do it one of these days when there's a really huge downpour--and dance like there's no one looking. =)