06 February 2010

Most Plagiarized Book

The Bible is said to be the world’s bestseller for all time. But has anyone also noticed that it is the most shamelessly pirated and plagiarized book the world over—especially where religion is concerned. 
I mean just look at all those religions claiming stuff like zen (simplicity), minimalism, yin and yang (balance) to name a popular few. Whoever their founders/philosophers/gurus, whatchamacalits were, those people actually took a Bible principle, called it by a different name and passed it on as their truth, their personal revelation. Worse, others have adulterated Bible truths with their perverted concepts of spirituality.

Could Jehovah charge these copycats with religious piracy? Or spiritual plagiarism? If there ever were such concepts. Still, when I think about this, it just amazes me how the Author of the Good Book hasn’t zapped them all into nothingness—which He could simply do with a snap of the all-powerful fingers. He has chosen not to. It’s not His nature to be vindictive. Just goes to show that God Almighty is mercy to the very core of His awesome being. And royally confident that in reality ALL things are HIS.

As for us humans, we are terribly territorial and sadly unforgiving when it comes to things we think we’ve originally created. Even a slight copy-paste of a written work would generate the crisp sound of lawsuit slaps.

The Author of the universe must be laughing Himself in amusement at the audacity of mere mortals who claim HIS precepts as their own religious truth. 

03 February 2010

Extravagant Love

01 February 2010

Extravagant love. Just crossed my mind. Just a few moments ago—after musing on my relationship with my husband, after desiring him all day even if only yesterday I wanted to kick him in the shins because of something he said; after watching a really really nice wedding video; after reading 1 Corinthians 13 again…

Extravagant love—God did it first. No one for all eternity can ever ever trump HIM on what HE has done for the love of mankind.

No I didn’t think about this because it’s the first day of the month of hearts. In fact, I have come to deem the day of hearts as corny and really cheesy. Am sure whoever started the now globally celebrated day had romantic notions at heart. But people tend to abuse even the most pristine of concepts and feelings.

Perhaps God, Who is the very essence of love just wanted me to meditate on it at the closing of this day. Extravagant love. HIS extravagant love. Something I don’t deserve. Yet everyday HE surrounds me with it. I am not sure if I can afford to give it to another human being. Extravagant love--I can only hope to offer it to the ONE who endured the most horrifying experience and went through the most excruciating pain to ensure my soul’s safety for all eternity.

I am not worthy of His extravagant love.